Hollyland Lark M2 Wireless Lavalier Microphone Duo,Shine Charcoal - Camera

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Mic Sensitivity -37 dBV ± 2dB @ 1 KHz, 94dB SPL
Wireless Modulation Mode GFSK 2 Mbps
Transmission Range Camera Version: Up to 1000ft (300m) for LOS/130ft (40m) for NLOS
Mic Polar Pattern Omnidirectiona
Frequency Response 20 Hz–20 kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio > 70dB
Sound Pressure Level 115dB SPL
Bit Depth 24-bit
Sample Rate 48 kHz
Battery Voltage TX: 3.87V Camera Version
Camera Version Charging Case: 3.8V
Battery Capacity Camera Version RX: 145 mAh
Camera Version Charging Case: 1950 mAh
Operating Time Camera Version RX: About 9 hours
Camera Version Charging Case: > 3 times charging for the whole set
Charging Time Camera Version RX: About 1.5 hours
Camera Version Charging Case: < 2 hours
Charging Temperature 0° C to 45° C
Operating Temperature –10° C to 45° C
Dimensions Camera Version RX: Approx. 40mm x 25.7mm x 20.5mm (1.6” x 1.0” x 0.8”)
Camera Version Charging Case: Approx. 86mm x 54mm x 39mm (3.4” x 2.1” x 1.5”)
Weight Camera Version RX: Approx. 14.8g (0.5oz)
Camera Version Charging Case: Approx. 111g (3.9oz)


ord up to two people in mobile journalism or content creation applications using this shine charcoal, 2.4 GHz LARK M2 DUO Wireless Combo Microphone System from Hollyland. The system includes two transmitters with built-in omnidirectional microphones and dual-interface mesh, three different receivers, and a charging case. Magnetic back clips and silicone necklace cases make attaching your transmitters to your talent a breeze. Various adapter cables and an integrated camera shoe mount ensure wide device compatibility.
Stable Audio Transmission
High-gain Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) antennas ensure stable audio transmission free of all sorts of interference from up to 1000' away. Environmental noise cancellation minimizes frequency interference for improved vocal clarity. The LARK M2 captures 24-bit, 48 kHz audio with a 70 dB signal-to-noise ratio and 115 dB SPL.
Clip-On Transmitter Units
The transmitter features a dual-interference design with a metallic mesh that protects against dust and 2.4 GHz, infrared, and RFI interference. Easily attach the transmitter with its omnidirectional microphone to your subject of choice using the included magnetic back clips or the silicone necklace cases. A sheet of stickers allow you to customize the look of your transmitters with quirky faces or black/white covers, which go over the Hollyland logo. Included furry windscreens improve your audio quality in outdoor applications.
Camera-Mount and Plug-In Receivers
  • The combo version of the LARK M2 includes a camera-mount receiver and two plug-in receivers—one Lightning and one USB-C.
  • The camera-mount receiver is dual-channel and features an integrated camera-mount interface. A 3.5mm TRS output port records audio directly to your device of choice. Onboard controls allow you to toggle between stereo and mono modes or adjust the volume of your recording. LED indicators show the mode status of each transmitter unit. Use the included USB-C and 3.5mm TRS cables to adapt the existing ports on the receiver to a wide variety of devices.
  • The plug-in receivers feature MFi-certified Lightning and class-compliant USB-C connectors compatible with iOS and Android devices. They run on plug-in power from your connected device. Onboard controls allow you to toggle noise cancellation and pairing. LED indicators show the mode status of each transmitter unit.
LarkSound App
Connect your LARK M2 system to the LarkSound App to adjust parameters like volume and noise cancellation, update firmware, or check real-time audio status—all from your iOS or Android compatible smartphone. When filming with your mobile device, toggle remote video recording by pressing down on the transmitter's onboard button twice. Your smartphone can also playback your recordings when connected to the receiver without needing to unplug it.
Long Battery Life, Charging Case
  • The transmitters feature a 90mAh internal battery with a 10-hour battery life. The camera-mount receiver features a 145mAh internal battery with a 9-hour battery life. Once depleted, recharge all of the components in the included charging case in just 2 hours or via USB-C in 1.5 hours.
  • The charging case is specifically designed to accommodate the camera-mount receiver and two transmitter units. Its 1950mAh internal battery can recharge the entire system three times for a total battery life of 40 hours.

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