Eufy By Anker Wireless Smart Scale C1, T9146H11 - Black

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Four auto-calibrating G-shaped sensors increase accuracy by 10 percent, ensuring that measurements are accurate and reliable. These work in conjunction to detect weight fluctuations in 0.1lb or 0.1kg increments. Safety First: An anti-slip finish and sleek rounded corners ensure you do not slip or bump your feet into sharp corners. Full-Body Checkup: Know more than just your weight. Every time you step barefoot onto smart scale C1, get a diagnostic on 12 different measurements in just a few seconds. Note: Accurately measures weight from: 11lbs - 397lbs or 5kg - 180kg. It has bluetooth function
  • HOLISTIC HEALTH: Instantly learn 12 insightful measurements of your body's health.
  • FREE EUFYLIFE APP & 3RD-PARTY APPS: Track your measurements on Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit.
  • ACCURACY IMPROVED BY 10%: Two pairs of super-sensitive G-shaped sensors ensure more precise measurements.
  • FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Track the health trends of up to 16 users from one account,recognise each member automatically.

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