Kieslect Calling Smartwatch Ks Mini - Black

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  • ‎color: Black
  • Dimensions: 36.6x44.6x10.8mm
  • body material: slim plastic body
  • buttons: 1
  • water resistance: IP68


  • material: Amoled
  • size: 1.78"
  • resolution: 368x448 pixel
  • touch screen: high hardness glass


  • battery capacity: 280mAh
  • charging duration: approx 2 hours
  • typical usage scenario: 3-6 days
  • heavy usage scenario: 2-4 days
  • battery saver mode: up to 10 days


connection: Bluetooth 5.2

microphone: supported

speaker: supported

vibrator: supported

languages: 8

sports mode: 60



● Clear & Stable Bluetooth Calls
With a still powerful 2-in-1 call chip and a stable 5.2 Bluetooth connection, Ks mini provides you stable, clear, high-quality calls anytime & anywhere. In addition, the address book can store up to 100 people & a strong communication reserve.

● Abnormal Heart Rate Warning
Heart rate is one of the basic data of daily health management. And alerting to an abnormal heart rate is a top priority. Through scientific data detection, we provide a strong reminder mechanism for sudden heart rate conditions, ensuring that you know the sudden condition of the body in the first time.

● 1.78″ HD Colorful Amoled Display
The HD texture of the display provides you with a clear visual enjoyment, and the 1.78” super large screen provides a comfortable and spacious display space for performance display in various dimensions. What is condensed on the small screen is the pursuit of visual perfection.

● Easy 24 H Health Management
Ks mini is a health-focused smartwatch that manages important health data with one click. It has a variety of advanced sensors to provide 24-hour intelligent monitoring of blood oxygen levels and heart rate, and track your sleep patterns, providing you a comprehensive health data record every day.

● Dynamic Ul
Limited screen space to provide users with unlimited dynamic visual experience, with the most concise style design to provide users with clear visual navigation. The operation process steps are mastered by the user in an instant under the smooth touch. The designer’s humanized design provides users with an excellent sense of scientific and technological experience.


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