Nothing Earbuds (A) True Wireless Earbuds - Yellow

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Type Wireless Earbuds

30.9 mm x 21.7 mm x 24.3 mm

  • Water & dust resistance IP54 earbuds / IPX2 case
  • Pinch controls
  • In-ear detection
  • Google Fast Pair
  • Microsoft Swift Pair
  • Dual Connection
  • Clear Voice Technology with 3 mics per bud
  • LED charging status
  • Low Lag Mode
Battery type

Rechargeable li-ion battery

500 mAh

Fast Charging with ANC off 10 minutes for 10 hours


Model B162 
Color White


Nothing Earbuds (A) B162 True Wireless Earbuds in White

let's play

Designed for every part of every day, Ear(a) is designed for music lovers. In nothing that's special, Ear(a) has evolved our clear design but takes a distinctive new direction with a new bubble design. Your pocket's new best friend.

in the foreground

With its raised lines and bubble-like appearance, Ear Cup A is inspired by everyday pill boxes.

New slim frame

It features smooth lines with a slimmer rectangular shape. Very comfortable to hold in hands or slip into pockets. It's still feather-light with a total weight of 49.2g, and just 4.8g per earbud.

Let's turn yellow

Transparently, our products expose the inner workings of technology. We apply the same philosophy to color. If we strip away how colors are constructed, we are left with the primary colors. This brings us to the yellow ear (A). A lively and enjoyable audio product, capable of producing sound with the same brightness.

Up to 45 dB

Our strongest noise cancellation yet. So you can go from quiet rooms to busy streets without hearing anything (other than what's playing).

Intelligent active noise cancellation

Ear A automatically checks for noise leakage between the earbud and ear canal, then applies more noise cancellation to compensate. So you get the best noise cancellation possible. It happens every time you put it on.

Adapt to ANC

Next level escapism. Switch between 3 levels of noise cancellation. Or let Ear A take over. By selecting “Adaptive” in the Nothing

Extra depth and extra clarity

With a driver designed to protect every detail, high notes reach greater depth and low notes sound richer.

Powerful 11mm driver. Clear, rich and powerful

We've made our driver more compact. With twice the power compared to Ear(2), Ear(a) delivers deeper bass performance. The extra surface area provides the sound waves with more room to vibrate. With two new holes, the airflow inside the bud is improved. For less noise and richer overall clarity.

Bass enhancement algorithm. New depths

Ear A enhances the low frequencies in your music in real time, raising bass-heavy sounds so you can hear every detail.

Certified for high-resolution wireless audio. Very pure

To protect audio detail, Ear(a) is Hi-Res Audio certified for playback at up to 990 kbps and frequencies up to 24-bit/96 kHz. Compatible with the widely supported LDAC codec for HD streaming via Bluetooth. The result is a pure and powerful audio experience. Just as the artist intended.

Keep playing

All talk, all action. We've made room for a larger battery without compromising on sound. So you can listen longer.

Up to 9.5 hours of music

Compared with ear (2), ear (A) can listen to music for a longer time. Provides 40.5% more non-stop runtime on a single charge. Or put the earbuds back in the case and extend your listening time to over 42.5 hours (with ANC turned off).

Double connection

Stay connected to two devices at the same time. Play music on your laptop and then seamlessly switch to answer a call on your phone. without effort.

Low lag mode

Reduce audio lag for better gaming. It launches automatically in game mode on nothing phone. With an overall latency of less than 120 ms.

Clear sound technology

Clear as day. Ear A isolates your voice from everyday distractions, so on-the-go calls sound like face-to-face conversations. Thanks to the new state-of-the-art microphone and an additional air duct on the stem for the wind to pass through, we reduced interference by 60% compared to the ear (2).

Fast shipping

For quick power charges, Ear(a) can quick charge for 10 minutes and provide 10 hours of music playback (with ANC turned off).

ChatGPT integrated

Ask, listen and learn from ChatGPT on the go. A first-of-its-kind integration, designed specifically for your Nothing system. Only on nothing headphones when connected to nothing phones. Available on Phone 2 and coming soon to Phone 1 and Phone 2a via software updates.

Voice control

Use your voice to access ChatGPT on Ear and Ear(a), wherever you are. Setup via the Nothing

Nothing custom tools

Get the answers you need, faster, at your fingertips. Search for text, audio or images directly from your home screen.

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