Braun Satin Hair 5 HD580 Power Perfection dryer, Ionic, Ultra Powerful, Lightweight - White

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  • Dryer works on drying your hair, but that's not all, it works to make your hair smooth and silky.
  • Braun Satin Hair 5 Power Perfection Dryer with 2x more power.
  • Ultra light and Fast perfect style.





Getting manageable and alluring hair is easy breezy with this Braun Satin Hair 5 Hair Dryer that supports the innovative Ionic Function. This dryer not only dries your hair quickly after a shower, but also makes your hair smooth and manageable. Its Ionic function reduces frizz drastically and leaves behind a smooth texture that you'll love to run your hands through. Thanks to this hair dryer's compact and ergonomic design, you can carry it on all your traveling expeditions. Choose your desired airflow and heat settings to get a perfect style. With cool shot, this Braun Satin Hair dryer supplies a burst of cold air that aids in setting the style, for the perfect finish.

Key Features

Hair 5 Hair Dryer with Ionic Function

Ionic Function

The Braun Satin Hair 5 Hair Dryer is equipped with the innovative and useful Ionic Function for quick and efficient outcomes. This technology helps reduce hair frizz and leaves behind a smooth, soft texture. Plus, the hair dryer offers even heat distribution and prevents dry out to ensure quick drying.

Power Efficient and Easy to Use

The Braun Satin Hair 5 Hair Dryer works over electricity and consumes 2500W of power. This hair tool has a lightweight and ergonomically designed body, which is easy to handle and utilize. Additionally, it’s so compact that it fits in any storage bag or suitcase without taking up much space. It also possesses a hanging loop for easy storage, so you can stay pretty wherever you may be.



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