Mili VR Box VR Glasses For Mobile Phones

سعر الخصمEGP 149

شامل الضريبة


وصف المنتج

Compatible Devices Television, Personal Computer,Smartphones
Controller Type Remote Control
Field Of View 120 Degrees
Charging Type Type-C



  • The VR Box Virtual Reality 3D Glass for 3D Games and 3D Movies for Smartphone sports an ABS body with a spherical resin lens within‎.‎ It does not have a simulation plastic sheet‎,‎ which makes it environmentally friendly‎
  • The lens of the VR Box can be adjusted so that it suits your vision‎.‎ With a complete enclosed design‎,‎ no one from the outside can see what you are viewing‎,‎ and it even provides a thoroughly immersive 3D experience‎.‎ It is so convenient to use that you can enjoy games and movies‎,‎ anytime and anywhere‎
  • This cool white VR Box is ideal for Android and iOS smartphones with a screen size of 3.5 to 6inch‎.‎
  • The VR headset is equipped with adjustable focal length and object distance, soft foam headband, 3D headset HIF headset
  • The adjustable and comfortable design makes VR glasses very suitable for adults and children, bringing a shocking new experience
  • You can travel to other side of world in a second or exprience the fun of skatting in the hottest summer, whether you are on an airplane, at home or in the office.
  • It has soft and breathable leather padding, which can maintain a good feeling even after hours of viewing. Small in size and light in weight, it will bring you great comfort during use or transportation


We Miliglasses guarantee user friendliness. Our products can be used in a care free environment as they include products ranging from water resistant which makes parenting much easier and helps to develop educational interest amongst the youth. Our products have gained huge popularity throughout the Gulf. Our goodwill and customer loyalty over the past few years have been tremendously increased as we offer personalized range of products and safe services. We have successfully integrated new designs in our gadgets while maintain highest level of innovation keeping our absolute focus on cost reduction as our firm belief aligns with promoting budget friendliness while offering the best experience which the customer can ever have. Our core beliefs include Integrity, Excellence, Innovation and Diversity. We show high respect and cooperation towards our employees and clients and work with them closely to make fruitful efforts to overcome their difficulties and provide them best solutions and experiences. We work together as a team to provide quality services thus ensuring a positive working environment.

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