Hp Keyboard and Mouse Wired Combo - Black

سعر الخصمEGP 549

شامل الضريبة


وصف المنتج

Connection type  USB 2.0
Operating Systems Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8
Compatibility with PCs with available USB port
Cable Length 1.3 M


Elegant and simple design.
Waterproof design protects the keyboard, high quality cover switch.
Ergonomic design keyboard, key life up to 8 million key installations.
Control your game by quickly switching between two secret DPI settings for greater accuracy.
8 alternate red keys on the keyboard are easy to play.
Color Recognition Black Shin Mouse Logo.
The oil-covered page of the day-to-day game adds comfort throughout the day.
Adjustable type legs Adjust the angle and height of the keyboard to help your wrist get a more comfortable position.
Quiet and ergonomic keys when used provide a stable play and relaxation environment.
The full size keyboard provides improved performance and accuracy.









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