Camelion C High Performance Alkaline - LR14-BP2DG

سعر الخصمEGP 129

شامل الضريبة


وصف المنتج

Brand Camelion 
Frame size C
Dimensions  25,55 x 49,25
Electrochemical System    

Zinc manganese dioxide

Nominal Capacity 8500mAh to 0,8V
(20° ± 2° C rated capacity
at 25mA continuous drain)
Nominal Voltage 1.5V
Weight (g) 72g
Model LR14-BP2DG


Camelion Digi Alkaline : 

Camelion Digi Alkaline batteries last average double long as ordinary alkaline batteries. The right battery for your most demanding especially in the digital area. When using CAMELION Digi alkaline batteries can be produced in digital cameras up to 500 pictures.

Camelion Digi Alkaline Batteries employee a new form of innovative technology enabling them to consistently outperform the other battery products. Utilizing refined materials, evolved structural design and processing progress, the high energy formula generates greater energy densities. The anti-leakage technology protects your devices even longer while delivering ultimate powerful energy. These batteries are the perfect choice for power-hunger devices such as digital cameras, photo flashlights, boomboxes, and other high-drain devices.

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