Black+Decker 4 Liter AF400-B5 Deep Fryer

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- Safe to use
- High Quality
- Add a great addition to your home


4868 grams


Oil Fryers


4 liters





Black and Decker air fryer has cool touch housing and handle. This aero fryer is ideal for frying and roasting.Delicious food is finally guilt free, thanks to the Black and Decker 4 Liter Digital AerOfry. It cuts out on the oil usage so that you can relish on mouthwatering, crispy food without the added fat. The rapid air convention heating inside the fryer results in quick and even cooking of food. It has a variable temperature control feature that so you can cook according to the exact temperature needed for your dish. Also, it has a timer function that automatically shuts off the machine once cooking is complete. This aero fryer has a food basket that holds up to 4L of food, making it easy for you to fry snacks for the whole family in one go. Key Features ; 1500W ; 4.1 Kg Healthy Cooking This Black and Decker air fryer prepares all your favorite fried dishes in a healthy and efficient way. Be it nuggets, potato fries, or chips; this air fryer delivers mouthwatering results every time you use it. With the ideal temperature range, you can also prepare main course dishes in a short time. Easy to Use and Safe The frying basket of this Black and Decker aero fryer is easily removable and dishwasher safe for easy maintenance. Thanks to the cool touch housing of this air fryer, you can touch its handle without burning your hand. The safety lock ensures a secure fit of food basket before you start the frying process. This air fryer has non slip feet that provide a firm grip on any kitchen countertop. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Black & Decker 1.7 Liter Kettle - Silver, JC400-B5 Black and Decker 2200W electric kettle has a 1.7L capacity and will rejuvenate your mornings. You can buy this Black and Decker stainless steel kettle on Souq.If a regular cup of tea is what you need to truly get up and moving each morning, then this Black and Decker JC400 B5 kettle will make brewing a quick and easy affair. This Black and Decker kettle utilizes a user friendly design with a concealed heating element that offers excellent ease of use and cleaning convenience. The 2200W hot water kettle provides excellent ease of use and operation. It has an anti scale filter that is removable and can be washed for better hygiene. Key Features 2200 Watts Capacity: 1.7 Litres Stainless Steel Voltage: 220/240 ~ 50/60 Auto Switch On/Off: Yes Cordless 360 Degree Base: Yes Stunning Design This Black and Decker electric kettle adopts a temperature control knob that delivers maximum flavor. This device has an easy to read water level indicator on both sides to let you see just how much water you need. The 1.7L capacity makes it convenient to make large quantities of tea in a single brewing cycle. Easy to Handle The Black and Decker kettle boasts an ergonomic design that makes it very easy to use and handle. Featuring a one cup indicator, you can boil just as much water as you require. The auto shut off feature automatically switches off the device when the water is boiled. Additonally, the boil dry protection feature stops boiling when when all the water has evaporated. This jug can be placed on the base element from any angle as it is equipped with a 360 degree cordless design. Moreover, the kettle offers incredible ease in cleaning owing to its removable anti scale filter.




For a Healhier Lifestyle

In an age of fast paced, busy and stressful life, a home cooked meal with the right balance of flavour and health is often left to be desired. Introducing the AEROFRY from Black+Decker. Built around the principle of Rapid Air Convection heating system, it is equipped with a 1.2Kg food basket with a 4.0L capacity to cook delicious recipes. .

The Black+Decker AF400 Air Fryer is ideal for frying and roasting. Delicious food is finally guilt free, thanks to the Black+Decker 4 liter AerOfry. It cuts down on the oil so that you can relish the mouthwatering, crispy food without the added fat.


Rapid Air Convection

AEROFRY depends on effectively circulating hot air known as Rapid Air Convection Heating to cook food.

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